[HN] Công Ty Vua Nệm Tuyển Dụng Activation Growth Executive Full-time 2023


Với 14 năm hình thành và phát triển, Vua Nệm đã có hơn 100 Cửa hàng trải dài khắp 27 tỉnh thành trên toàn quốc cùng số lượng nhân sự lên đến gần 700 nhân viên. Vượt qua bao khó khăn, thách thức Vua Nệm đã vươn mình trở thành chuỗi hệ thống bán lẻ Nệm và Phụ Kiện uy tín và lớn nhất Việt Nam.

This position in our Ecommerce team will focus on online customer acquisition. You will provide a 360 approach to scale conversions, and drive customer engagement and retention. You will fill in opportunity gaps across all funnels and optimize possible touchpoints to achieve business goals.

***Job Responsibilities

● Coordinate with digital marketing, branding, design, and Sales team to launch Omni-channel campaigns.

● Monitor & optimize Ecommerce campaign.

● Conduct A/B testing on user flow and activation activities to create data-driven strategies for hitting key metrics and engaging all funnels

● Execute high potential marketing strategies based on data analytics. Incase you do not have this skills, training will be provided if needed by our Buisness Intelligence team.

● Identify opportunities to scale business, acquire new customers, and drive customer retention

● Launch and enhance referral marketing programs/ social community/ social events for group members to encourage user engagement.

● Manage our Contact Center/Activation system to ensure smooth customers experience.

● Assist to conduct market studies, customer profiling, competitor analysis to identify the feasibility and attractiveness of new product concepts

***Job requirements

● University Degree (FTU, NEU,..) strongly preferred, ideally in a relevant degree such as marketing, advertising, communications, business, entrepreneurship or similar.

● 1+ years of experience in a similar role.

● Meticulous (precise and care to details), proactive, and willing-to-learn.

● Presentation skill: good at delivering presentations, able to share information timely with own idea/plan.

● Strong organizational and interpersonal skills, capable of communication with multiple departments.

● Good project management skills; ability to balance among multiple projects with good time management.

● Must be good at English Reading skill.


● Google Analytics 4

● A/B Testing

● Marketing Campaign Management

● Conversion Rate Optimization

● Basic User Experience

*** Benefit:

  • Salary review twice a year
  • Be guided intensive development of technology.
  • Have the opportunity to work with challenges and develop one’s best abilities.
  • Health insurance, the social insurance as prescribed by the State.
  • WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Friendly, dynamic, promotion opportunities.
  • Receive company’s welfares: Holidays, annual vacation, sports, team-building…etc
  • Health check once a year

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[HN] Công Ty Vua Nệm Tuyển Dụng Activation Growth Executive Full-time 2023
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